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Development & Design

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New development

Based on many years of experience, our designers develop your concept. With the help of the latest CAD technology and a high level of know-how, your idea becomes a finished product.

In order to achieve the best possible manufacturing quality, all the advantages of additive manufacturing are skilfully taken into account in the planning. The result is a product with a design developed exactly to your specifications and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Component optimisation

We analyse and optimise your designs, components or assemblies and realise the additive added value for you.  

Many components in the technical field need to be adapted in terms of design in order to take full advantage of additive manufacturing. In contrast to familiar manufacturing processes such as turning or milling, a 3D printed part has to be viewed differently. The aim of machining is to remove as little material as possible – the aim of additive manufacturing is to use material only where it is needed. 

We support you in this and, together with you, we examine your components and assemblies for optimisation potential. We will implement the adjustments directly for you in-house.

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