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The alternative creation of 3D print data

There is no 3D data for your object?

We often use what is known as reverse engineering. Handcrafted art objects that are to be produced in large quantities or spare parts for classic cars for which there is simply no 3D data are just a few examples of the use of the 3D scanner.

The VL-350 scanner from Keyence that we use is ideal for reverse engineering and quality assurance. The device delivers a guaranteed measurement accuracy of ±10µm and a repeatability of 2µm. These values are guaranteed through regular checking and calibration.

We offer the following services:

  • We will gladly create a production-ready STL file for your component, which you can then have produced directly by us
  • On request, we can carry out a target/actual comparison of the real object with the CAD model for your components. After agreeing on the test points to be determined, you will receive a test report from us

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Guaranteed repeatability: 2μm (calibration certificate)


3D scan with true colour display


Collection of millions of data points

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