Webinar on 07/07/2022

An often overlooked step in the 3D printing process is the post-processing of the printed components. While 3D printing has focused mainly on prototyping in the past, the focus today is on the production of final components, for example for the consumer market but also for industry. Therefore, the components from the 3D printer are also refined – to give the product the finishing touch.

In the fourth and last event of our expert forum on Additive Manufacturing with Multi Jet Fusion Technology, you will get an overview of the possibilities and challenges of post-processing: How to join components, create shiny surfaces, rich colours or special engravings. Thus, the component becomes an individual personalised product of the highest quality.

If the post-processing process is optimised, industrial reproducibility can be achieved, especially for visible parts. As a result of post-processing automation, production costs and lead time can be reduced.

The experts from HP, AMT, DyeMansion and thinkTEC 3D provide many practical examples to illustrate the process and the resulting opportunities in detail.

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